RAW DANCE studio shoot

Had an improv. shoot with O_wizzy at the studio. Hope you like it! 

Shot with Broncolor Move 1200L with Para 88 as Main light and two strips. 

Canon 1Ds Mark III and Sigma Art 24mm 1.4.


Always have fun !  

- Click on images to see full size ;). 

Neymar JR Portfolio shoot pre-production

Hey Everybody! First of all, Happy New Year to everyone out there! I know it’s been a while since my last post… sorry about that :), but it’s been a madly fantastic year full of work, projects, crazy adventures and meeting a lot of new people, for which I’m very thankful.

However, let’s get down to business. One of last year’s highlights was this assignment that I was hired to do with the studio that I work with here in Barça (Black & Rad Bcn productions, best guys in town). The photoshoot was for Mr. Neymar Jr. (world-renowned football player) and the goal was to produce an updated personal portfolio so that he could have fresh images to send to different magazines for interviews, specific images for his NGO, and also for his various social media channels, etc.
This shoot presented a couple of challenges:

– Different moods and ambience
– Different light schemes
– Different Outfits
– Limited time to shoot
– Things can always go wrong!

Now, let’s break down these things and tell you a little bit about how everything was solved.

At the beginning, I was supposed to have two hours for the shoot – during that time we would have to change between five different outfits, two different lighting setups and two different backgrounds which we would use for the various looks.

To start with, what I did was to do some tests the week before the shoot (since I had some time for that), where I tried the different light schemes that I wanted to use and figured out the best way to organise everything, so that I could have both sets ready and have everything sorted out about how to change faster between them. During the tests I set up everything myself but, on the day of the shoot, I had an assistant who helped me with that – this is something important to bear in mind when every minute counts; no, you can’t and no, you shouldn’t do everything yourself all the time!

I think that the most important part of this type of shoot is the pre-production process, since having everything prepared and ready to start working as soon as your ‘model’ arrives is key, you won’t have a lot of time to do your job, and there is no time to fail and to hesitate, so your ideas have to be clear and you have to be confident that you can pull it off – having everything prepared in time will help with that. Also, be organised, have your tools and lenses close-by, i.e. somewhere near you, but not where they can get in the way.

On the day of the shoot, we arrived around two-and-a-half hours before Mr. Neymar was supposed to be at the studio where we were doing the shoot (yeah, this was, of course, only going to be an approximate arrival time for him, these guys have crazy schedules). I would say that actually playing football actually only takes up like 20% of their time J. However, never mind, the thing is that he ended up arriving almost two hours late, not because he didn’t care about the shoot, but simply because he has a lot of different appointments and other things to do on the same day; this means that if he happens to spend more time on any one of them, he ends up being late for everything else.

His being late actually had a good and a bad side; the good side was that we had had enough time to check that everything was precisely set up, that everything was working properly, and we could even do some more tests. The bad side, which we already knew would and/or could happen, was that we ended up having less time to shoot with him, of the two hours, we had to try to have everything done in an hour-and-fifteen minutes or an hour-and-a-half tops.

Eventually, everything worked out perfectly, I have to say that, for the first five minutes, I was a little nervous because I had in my mind the big responsibility this was for me and because I really wanted to do a good job. However, after the first couple of shots, I was already focused and, when we started to see the results, everything went perfectly well. Neymar happens to be a very nice guy, he is always surrounded by his friends so that makes it easier in a way, as it helps to create a nice atmosphere on set and that is very important.

Another thing to keep in mind, when it comes to minimising the chances of any unexpected events, is that having the proper gear that you know won’t fail is also important, and this is where broncolor lights and modifiers play a crucial role. Built like a tank, the quality of the light is fantastic, they are always consistent, and having something less to worry about during a shoot, I suppose we are all going to agree, is always so much appreciated.

Then, during the shoot, when I needed to change between backgrounds (white and grey), using the WiFi app on the Siros made it super-quick and easy to just turn off my background lights and I was ready to shoot right away. As you may also know from my previous post, I love the Para system so, in this shoot, I used the Para 133 for many of the looks, as I knew it wouldn’t let me down. I use them at every available opportunity and again, they are a huge help when it comes to saving time, since you can modify your light very easily, just focusing and defocusing it depending on your needs.

I hope you guys find this information that I’m sharing with you helpful, and if I could just give you some advice? If you ever find yourself on a shoot that could present various challenges for you, first of all, don’t be scared, challenges are a good thing, they take you out of your comfort zone and that means that you will learn in the process and from the whole experience itself. So, be confident, and try to be as prepared as you can, as things can always go wrong – it’s important to try to minimise the chances of that happening.

For now, I can share this short behind-the-scenes clip and a couple of shots but, over time, I will be sharing more images on my personal channels and at @BlackAndRadBcn so keep an eye out for These!

Lighting gear
5 broncolor Siros 800s (two as background lights when needed, two as rim lights, and one as a main light when using the beauty dish)
1 broncolor Scoro S pack with Pulso G lamp (this one was mounted on the Para 133 for creating light when needed)
2 Octabox 75
2 30 x 120 strips softboxes with grid
1 beauty dish with grid
1 Para 133



Photographer: Lucho Vidales
Art Director: Sebas Romero
Production: Javi Echeverría
Digital Assistant and behind the scenes clip: David Acedo
Make-up: Xavi Valverde
Assistant: Carlos Rodelas

Special thanks to broncolor and Txomin from tx-lab in Barcelona for helping us choose the right equipment for this shoot!


Bueno... Cómo esto está ahora por todos lados; el proyecto es muy interesante y se viralizó mucho pero todas las notas estan acompañadas de una ensalada de fotos; así que quería compartir mi selección personal de lo que hicimos con Danny Leon en la iglesia pintada por Okuda. 




Phase One Colab

Hoy recibí este bebé en el correo... @PhaseOne me mandó esta cámara para hacer las fotos de mi próximo proyecto personal. Lo que les puedo contar es que esta relacionado con el BMX y el rider es de Argentina, y con él hicimos una de mis fotos favoritas. 

Lucho and Lotus

Hace unos meses, los chicos de F-stop Gear me dejaron para probar la última adición a su linea de mochilas Mountain Series, la Lotus. Así que los saque a pasear por algunos de mis lugares favoritos de Catalunya; me tienen ahí molestando hablando todo el video jajaja. Gracias Mati Lasgoity por venir a andar hermano!! Anton Nelson did an amazing job as usual... but now in 4K so play it fullscreen and in 4 times hd to make it justice.

MontJuic con Faby!

Hoy no hicimos más que hacer fotos todo el día en el hermoso parque de Montjuic. Nada más que para mantenernos motivados. :D

 Ah,  y lo más importante.. Hoy estuve probando el 50mm 1.4 de Carl Zeiss. Todas las fotos de este slideshow fueron hechas con ese lente.. Y ya es mío. La calidad de las imágenes me dejó sin palabras, me tengo que acostumbrar al foco manual y a confiar más en mi ojo y hoy la verdad no fue tan mal como pensé que podia llegar a salir. Eso es gracias al hermoso anillo de enfoque que tiene este 50, super preciso y suave. 

 Espero que disfruten de estas fotos tanto como yo de hacerlas. :)

El resto de las fotos en el Álbum de Facebook ACÁ


Zona de confort

Desde que llegué a Barcelona, estoy viviendo algo de lo que ya me había olvidado, estar fuera de mi  zona(la de confort). Ese lugar en el que nos encontramos todos los días con nuevos desafíos y nuevas experiencias, levantarme todos los días con un cosquilleo en la panza sin saber con que nueva situación me voy a encontrar o para donde voy a salir. disfrutando de perderme en las calles, descubrir un café nuevo o alguna tienda de fotografía atendida por algún ser de muchos años de sabiduría y pasar algunas horas viendo algunas joyitas por las que se me salen los ojos.  

 Reencontrándome conmigo, descubriendo nuevos gustos y volviendo a apreciar cosas de la vida de todos los días, de las cuáles ya me había olvidado o dejado de darles tiempo y atención.

Por ahora mi misión de estos días es hacer la mayor cantidad de fotos que pueda, y compartir un poco de la magia de esta ciudad, mantenerme inspirado es lo que más quiero. 

Extrañar mi casa, las cosas que dejé en Córdoba, mi familia, mis amigos, mi perro, pero extrañarlos bien porque son parte de mi vida y lo que soy es todo gracias a ellos. 

Tip: Haciendo clic ACÁ se van a ver algunas de las fotos que voy subiendo de bcn, pero antes con este temita de frusciante.

John Frusciante - Song To Sing When I'm Lonely Album: Shadows Collide With People (2004) Shadows Collide with People is the fourth studio album by John Frusciante, released February 24, 2004. The album was written during the recording of By the Way, and is widely regarded as his most accessible work, featuring a mix of guitar-driven alternative rock, folk ballads, and electronica.


My favourite bag these days has been the Loka UL, it's great, carries a LOT of gear and is very confortable and light weight. Inside of it I carry two ICU's , a Large one as my main compartment and a small that goes on top and has access only trough the top of the bag.


On the large ICU, I carry my main body, a Canon 1Ds Mark III + Canon  135mm F2 L + Canon 24-105mm F4 L + Canon 35mm F 1.4 L + Canon 15mm F2.8 Fish eye, also my Pocket Wizards ( 2 Flex tt5, 1 mini TT1, 1 plus III) also I carry my two main portable lights, on the Large is my Godox Wistro AD380 (bare bulb speedilte)  with it's own battery pack and on the top of the bag on the Small ICU is my Elinchrom Ranger quadra A head with it's pack as well.


When I am on assignments and I have to travel with my laptop, It will fit on the camelback compartment with no problem, you just need to be a little careful with the front of the bag so that the computer is safe, also a pair of headphones, passport and sd cards will be on the top pocket as well..