My favourite bag these days has been the Loka UL, it’s great, carries a LOT of gear and is very confortable and light weight. Inside of it I carry two ICU’s , a Large one as my main compartment and a small that goes on top and has access only trough the top of the bag.


On the large ICU, I carry my main body, a Canon 1Ds Mark III + Canon  135mm F2 L + Canon 24-105mm F4 L + Canon 35mm F 1.4 L + Canon 15mm F2.8 Fish eye, also my Pocket Wizards ( 2 Flex tt5, 1 mini TT1, 1 plus III) also I carry my two main portable lights, on the Large is my Godox Wistro AD380 (bare bulb speedilte)  with it’s own battery pack and on the top of the bag on the Small ICU is my Elinchrom Ranger quadra A head with it’s pack as well.


When I am on assignments and I have to travel with my laptop, It will fit on the camelback compartment with no problem, you just need to be a little careful with the front of the bag so that the computer is safe, also a pair of headphones, passport and sd cards will be on the top pocket as well..